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The Chrysler Concorde is a full-sized, 4-door sedan, manufactured and marketed by Daimler Chrysler from 1993 to 2004. It was produced in two assembly plants - Brampton Assembly in Canada, and Newark Assembly in the U.S. Built on the Chrysler LH platform, the Concorde is appreciated for its appealing design, impressive performance, and comfortable ride. Its distinct longitudinal engine layout allows for a lowered hood line, a tighter turning radius, and simpler maintenance. Notably, in 1998, the vehicle underwent a significant redesign, resulting in a stiffer and stronger body shell, combined with double-shear suspension mounts and integrated side impact protection. Inside, the vehicle initially offered two trims - the base LX and the higher-end LXi, with the latter adding extra sound insulation for a quieter ride. By 2002, a third Limited trim was introduced, alongside a special Limited Pro-Am Edition. Cloth seating was standard on the LX, with leather seating being optional, while leather was standard on LXi and Limited trims. Externally, the Concorde showcased a modern take on Chrysler's signature waterfall grille, distinctive wraparound headlamps, and unique rear-end styling. A highlight of the Concorde's design was its revolutionary cab-forward design, marked by a long, low-slung windshield, and relatively short overhangs. The LX and LXi models sported 16-inch tires, while the Limited trim had 17-inch ones. The Concorde was succeeded by the Chrysler 300 in 2005.

The Chrysler Concorde, manufactured between 1993 to 2004, was plagued with a series of prominent issues throughout its production lifespan. Between 1993-1997, two primary concerns emerged: transmission failure, often linked to defective torque converters, and engine oil sludge accumulation, which could be attributed to subpar maintenance or the employment of inferior quality oil. This sludge buildup was a significant culprit behind severe engine damages. Moreover, electrical glitches, like malfunctioning power windows and problematic dashboard instrument clusters, were commonly reported by owners. Though there were efforts to refine the vehicle with time, later models, particularly between 1998-2001, weren't exempt from flaws. Issues like the defective intake manifold gasket, which led to engine coolant leakage, and persisting transmission problems surfaced. As a potential remedy, owners often emphasized the criticality of adhering to regular maintenance schedules to both alleviate these concerns and extend the car's operational life. Central to the debate around the Concorde's malfunctions was the 2.7-liter engine, employed in several Chrysler models including the Concorde. This engine was the focal point of numerous grievances regarding engine failures, predominantly due to the infamous oil sludge buildup. While many owners maintained that the engine was prone to breakdowns despite rigorous upkeep, Chrysler rebutted by blaming poor maintenance practices by the car's keepers. The severity of the issue is underscored by the combined efforts of The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and The Center for Auto Safety, documenting almost a thousand complaints about this specific engine problem. There were subsequent appeals to prolong the warranty coverage for vehicles housing this engine. Yet, Chrysler staunchly defended its original warranty conditions, which terminate after 36,000 miles for models crafted before 2002. They've been notably rigid in their response, often declining repair claims in scenarios where owners failed to exhibit evidence of suggested oil changes. Detractors argue that the engine's fundamental design is flawed. Yet, some postulate that contemporary engines, due to their enhanced efficiency and the amplified stresses imposed on engine oil, are naturally more vulnerable to issues like oil sludge failures. Concorde owners consistently reported engine malfunctions, especially linked to the 2.7L variant. Symptoms like pronounced knocking noises, unpredicted engine shutdowns while in motion, and outright engine failures were frequently ascribed to oil sludge complications. These incidents have, at times, culminated in hazardous scenarios, notably engine stalls during high-speed highway drives. In spite of the deluge of complaints and occasional acknowledgments from Chrysler - like a short-lived recall that was eventually withdrawn - a multitude of vehicle owners expressed dissatisfaction with the resolutions provided. A notable observation by some was Chrysler's decision to discontinue this specific engine model shortly post its debut, hinting at a possible cognizance of intrinsic design or fabrication flaws.

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