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Genuine Ram Parts

Ram is a renowned American auto company, which operates worldwide, and offers mid-weight trucks, SUVs, and Vans. Ram was created with the slogan "Guts. Glory. Ram." It has since earned Motor Trend's Truck of the Year title eight times. Ram was initially part of Dodge's light truck line, it has since become a standalone brand to further specialize its offerings and cater to dedicated truck customers. Over the past 5 generations Ram has often been recognized for its ever evolving vehicle designs, high quality Ram parts, and its association with Mopar, known for providing unique options, services, and components to further enhance Ram performance and aesthetics.

The Ram 1500, is a standout offering, with full-size truck versatility, combining towing prowess with luxurious interiors. The Ram family of vehicles often compliment each other nicely, such as trucks in this family like the Ram 2500, and 3500, which cater to those looking for enhanced towing capabilities, and demanding payload needs, truly pushing the limits of heavy-duty sport oriented trucks, with their muscular engines, genuine Ram parts, and unrivaled off-road finesse. These powerful Ram models exemplify Ram's undying commitment to strong capability and cutting edge innovation, for a truly powerful driving experience.

Ram is known for its mighty pickup truck, and has advanced its powertrain technology immensely. The Ram 1500, for instance, offers a varied range of engine options including the eTorque mild hybrid system. This system is available on the 3.6L Pentastar V6 and the 5.7L HEMI V8 engines, providing improved fuel efficiency and more torque. The HEMI V8, is an iconic Ram part, long renowned for its hefty 395 horsepower and 410 lb-ft of torque. Ram's transmission offering is its TorqueFlit 8, which is designed for optimal performance, efficiency, and smooth shifting for demanding driving situations. This transmission also includes a dash-mounted rotary e-shifter, which offers a more refined driver experience. Ram continually melds raw power, with advanced technology, which enhances both performance and efficiency in all their latest vehicles.

OEM Ram parts are engineered to comply with official Ram factory standards, guaranteeing easy installation and an impeccable fit. Discover the best value for your money with the economically-priced OEM Ram parts, including Air Conditioners & Heater, Suspension & Drive on These genuine Ram parts, like Emission Systems, Differential And Drive Line not only assure top quality but also come with the manufacturer's warranty, an easy return policy, and quick delivery services. Shop with confidence and get genuine Ram parts for your vehicle!

Ram Parts Questions & Answers

  • Q: How to Remove and Install a Blower Motor Resistor and Blower Motor on Dodge Ram 1500 and Ram 1500?
    A: To remove the blower motor resistor, begin by disconnecting the cable(s) from the negative battery terminal(s). Disconnect the electrical connector from the blower motor resistor and remove it by taking out the mounting screws. Installation is the reverse of removal. For the blower motor, again disconnect the cable(s) from the negative battery terminal(s) and disconnect the electrical connector from the blower motor. Remove the mounting screws and lower the blower motor out of the housing. Installation is the reverse of removal.
  • Q: How Do You Replace a front Shock Absorber on a Dodge Ram 3500 and Ram 3500?
    A: Loosen wheel lug nuts and driveaxle/hub nut. Support lower control arm with floor jack. Remove upper mounting nut and retainer/grommet. Remove lower mounting nuts and pull shock out. Apply thread locking compound to stud before installing upper mounting nut. For 4WD models, remove upper mounting bracket and lower mounting bolt. Raise vehicle, support securely, and remove wheel. Remove three upper mounting nuts and lower mounting nut/bolt. Detach wheel speed sensor, upper balljoint, and stabilizer link. Remove driveaxle/hub nut and pull knuckle out to remove shock absorber/coil spring assembly. Installation is reverse of removal, ensuring all fasteners are tightened.
  • Q: How to Remove and Replace the Alternator on Dodge Ram 2500 and Ram 2500?
    A: Disconnect battery cable(s) and drivebelt. For 3.6L/3.7L/4.7L, disconnect battery cable and field wire connector. Remove mounting bolts and alternator. For HEMI, disconnect field wire connector and remove nut securing battery cable. Unsnap plastic insulator cap and remove cable. For diesel, remove upper/lower mounting bolts/nuts, unsnap insulator cap, remove nut and cable. Installation is reverse of removal.