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About Ram ProMaster 1500

Ram ProMaster 1500, as a cargo van, was introduced at the Chicago Auto Show in the early 2013. Standard equipment is a 3.6 L 24 valve V6 engine with 6-speed automatic transmission. Meanwhile, they offer another option that 3.0 L16 valve L4 diesel JTD engine mated with 6-speed automated manual transmission.
Fuel Pump: Fuel pump passes gas to fuel tank. You are wasting your money if the fuel pump in your Ram ProMaster 1500 does not work correctly, since you may consume more gas when driving the same distance.
Ball Joint: Ball joint connects control arms and steering knuckles. When the wheel makes strange voice, you may check your ball joint in your Ram ProMaster 1500 if it's equipped correctly.
Do not wait too late until your Ram ProMaster 1500 is too dangerous to drive. We provide dedicate service with good quality Ram ProMaster 1500 body parts.
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