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About Ram 5500

Ram 5500, as a full-size pickup truck, is manufactured by Chrysler since 2011. For Ram 5500, it has heavy duty Chassis Cab version, and it was powered by a 6.7 L 350 bhp 260 kW Cummins turbo diesel I6 engine. There is a concept truck named Long Hauler, and this concept car shares the same powertrain, frame and wheels with Ram 5500.
Fuel Pump: Fuel pump passes gas to fuel tank. You are wasting your money if the fuel pump in your Ram 5500 does not work correctly, since you may consume more gas when driving the same distance.
Camshaft: When the camshaft rotates, camshaft has to make valves open by lobes. Camshaft in your Ram 5500 has a critical impact on engine's performance at various speeds.
A car to you is like a family member to you, and you do care about him no matter he is young or old. And we treat every customer sincerely since we know Ram 5500 matters to you and you matter to us.
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