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The Chrysler Fifth Avenue was a luxury sedan produced by Chrysler, now known as Stellantis North America, from 1983 to 1993. Named after the famous high-end shopping and cultural thoroughfare in New York City, the Fifth Avenue aimed to appeal to the upmarket segment, boasting both luxury and performance. Initially released as an upscale variant of the R-body New Yorker sedan, it measured 221.5 inches in length, 77.1 inches in width, and 54.5 inches in height, with a wheelbase of 118.5 inches. Powered by either a 318 cu in (5.2 L) or a 360 cu in (5.9 L) Chrysler LA V8 engine, buyers could opt for either a 3-speed A727 automatic or a 3-speed A904 automatic transmission. The exterior showcased a distinctive "Designer's Cream-on-Beige" paint and a standard landau vinyl roof. The refined interior featured unique elements such as courtesy lights above leather door handles and footlights at the lower portion of the door. Sharing several components with full-sized R-body vehicles, the Fifth Avenue offered commendable performance despite modest sales figures. Notably, it was featured during the 1980 Winter Olympics and made appearances in Hollywood movie studios. As Chrysler's former top-level sedan, the Fifth Avenue remains memorable for its stylish exterior, robust engine, and luxurious appeal.

The Chrysler Fifth Avenue, notably in models from 1987 to 1991, has faced three primary issues: brake lock-ups, engine start difficulties, and problems signaled by the oil light. Beginning with the brakes, these vehicles often have brakes that lock up as the engine warms. Such anomalies are attributed mainly to brake fluid issues and, in some cases, the rust inside the brake hose crimps, impeding fluid return to the master cylinder. To address this, mechanics suggest loosening steel line nuts at the master cylinder or opening front bleeder screws. Additionally, jammed wheel cylinders could be causing the brake pedal to sink while stationary; opening the bleed screws and checking for damaged brake hardware can offer solutions. It's also crucial to examine parking brake cable adjustments and monitor the health of brake drums, which may become deformed with age and act as lockup sources. Drum thickness assessments are vital, and the minimum diameter specification is often on the brake drum's exterior. Transitioning to engine start issues, especially in the 1985 model during colder climates, challenges arise with the engine turning but not igniting. Key suspects include carburetor problems and sediment build-up affecting fuel pump check valves. For effective remediation, mechanics often propose installing a 10-micron element fuel filter before the fuel pump and ensuring the ignition system, especially the reluctor on the distributor shaft, functions efficiently. Carb cleaners should be avoided to protect solenoids. Lastly, for the oil light concern in the 1985 model, regular oil changes are paramount, given the critical role of motor oil in engine operations. Chrysler prescribes specific oil change intervals, but certain driving conditions might necessitate more frequent changes. When changing oil, thorough checks of filters, essential fluids, and a general vehicle inspection are advised. Moreover, while personal oil changes are plausible, professionals ensure the right oil type, such as Quaker State or Pennzoil, is used and can diagnose potential future complications. Notably, blue or gray exhaust smoke could be indicative of an oil leak, underscoring the importance of timely professional assessments.

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