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About Chrysler LHS

Chrysler LHS, as a full-size luxury sedan, was manufactured by Chrysler from 1994 to 2001.when LHS was introduced in 1994, it was the most expensive of LH platform cars. Standard Chrysler LHS featured a 3.5 L 24 valve V6 engine. The second generation was released in 1999, featuring a new Chrysler emblem. After 2002, LHS continued producing but it was the model known as Chrysler Concorde Limited.
Oil Filter: Oil filter is designed to protect contaminants from oil. If the filter in your Chrysler LHS is not clean enough, that can lead to impure oil and further engine damage.
Oxygen Sensor: The oxygen sensor, or called O2 sensor, is designed to measure the volume of oxygen in a liquid or gas. Disproportional O2 can cause your Chrysler LHS higher emissions and slow acceleration.
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