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About Chrysler New Yorker

Chrysler New Yorker was manufactured by Chrysler from 1940 to 1996. Originally, Chrysler New Yorker was introduced as a sub-series of Chrysler Imperial with a straight-8 engine in 1940. They didn't change the engine until 1951, a new 180 hp 130 kW FirePower Hemi engine was adopted. They improved engine's capability step by step, and they featured a 7.2 L RB V8 engine in 1965. Afterward in 1982, Chrysler New Yorker was released as 11th generation with 3.7 L RG I6 engine. In 1994, the last generation, 14th generation, hit the market with 3.5 L EGJ V6 engine.
Alternator: Alternator is used to charge the battery and to power the electrical system when its engine is running. A failing alternator can cause dimming lights or garbled radio sounds when you are driving your Chrysler New Yorker.
Fuel Pump: Fuel pump passes gas to fuel tank. You are wasting your money if the fuel pump in your Chrysler New Yorker does not work correctly, since you may consume more gas when driving the same distance.
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