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The Dodge 600, a mid-size car produced by Dodge, made its debut in 1982 as a 1983 model. Initially available as a four-door sedan with two trim levels, it boasted a 2.2L four-cylinder engine, with an optional 2.6L variant. The Dodge 600's sales nearly doubled in its second year, thanks to the introduction of the coupe and convertible models. From 1984 to 1986, the K-body platform was employed for the 600 coupe and convertible, characterized by a transverse engine, front-wheel drive, independent front suspension, and semi-independent rear suspension. The notable "ES Turbo" sports package was introduced for convertibles in mid-1984, featuring a 142 hp 2.2L turbocharged engine and a custom ES sports suspension. The Basic and ES equipment classes were phased out, making way for the new SE class, and the five-speed manual gearbox was discontinued. Though the coupé and cabriolet models remained largely unchanged, minor interior and upholstery modifications were made, and the Holley twin carburetors in the 2.2L engine were replaced. The models also feature an Electronic Voice Alert system, a novel addition that uses synthetic sound for alerts. While the basic model was designed for budget-conscious customers, the SE version offered luxury features like suede upholstery and enhanced soundproofing.

The Dodge 600 has been known to exhibit a problem where it won't start when the engine is warm or in hot weather conditions. This issue can be observed particularly in the morning when the vehicle starts promptly but faces challenges in restarting after being driven and stopped for a brief period. Often requiring a second attempt and considerable effort to start, the problem usually resolves itself when the engine cools down after a few hours. Although spark plugs have been replaced to address the issue, the problem seems to persist, possibly linked to the carburetor percolating in the heat, leading the gas to expand and overflow into the engine, effectively flooding it. This condition, often referred to as "vapor lock," might cause a lean condition when running, a problem largely resolved in modern vehicles with fuel injection but still prevalent in older vehicles with carburetors in hot climates. Solutions proposed to address this specific issue include adjusting the float level slightly lower or re-routing the gas line away from heat sources like the exhaust manifold.

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