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About Dodge Omni

Dodge Omni, as a subcompact car, was produced by Chrysler from 1977 to 1990. When it was introduced to market, it featured a 1.6 L Simca 6J I4 engine. Later on, the engine was improved to a 1.7 L Volkswagen I4 and a 2.2 L K I4 engine. Dodge Omni had an ultimate version called Omni GLH with a 2.2 L Turbo I4 engine.
A/C Expansion Valve: The A/C expansion valve makes sure the expansion of liquid when the A/C is asked to turn on. You may suffer in summer and winter if valve does not work when you are driving your Dodge Omni.
Timing Belt: Timing belt can make sure that your engine's valve and cylinder in your Dodge Omni is at the same pace with pistons and crankcase. A failing timing belt puts all these four body parts in a risky condition.
Do not hesitate to maintain your car as long as there are some problems happen, and we are your first choice to buy your Dodge Omni discounted model parts.
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