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About Dodge Raider

Dodge Raider, as a sport utility vehicle (SUV), was produced by Mitsubishi Motors. Actually, Dodge Raider was the product after Mitsubishi Pajero was rebadged in its first generation in 1989. Dodge Raider featured an I4 engine ranging from 2.0 L to 2.5 L or a 3.0 L V6 engine.
Timing Belt: Timing belt can make sure that your engine's valve and cylinder in your Dodge Raider is at the same pace with pistons and crankcase. A failing timing belt puts all these four body parts in a risky condition.
Fuel Filter: Fuel filter acts like a guard who makes sure only specific purity of gasoline can go through to engine to support work. A bad-performance fuel filter can damage the engine in your Dodge Raider.
Every car should be treated correctly, no exception for Dodge Raider. We offer thoughtful service and best good for your convenience.