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About Dodge Ram Van

Dodge Ram Van is a full-size van manufactured by FCA US LLC from 1971 to 2003. Though the first Dodge Ram Van used the name since 1981, it used to be called B-Series. Before it was replaced by Dodge Sprinter, it has been produced through three generations.
A redesigned Dodge Ram Van was introduced in 1979 started the second generation (1979-1993). It had been offering submodels Sportsman, Tradesman and Adventurer. And until 1980 these submodels were replaced by Ram Van moniker. In this generation, Ram Van had many engine options ranging from 3.7 L 110 hp inline 6-cylinder engine to 7.2 L 195 hp V8 engine attached to 3-speed, 4-speed automatic transmissions and 3-speed, 4-speed and 5-speed manual transmissions. Then in 1994, a fully redesigned Dodge Ram Van marked the beginning of the third generation (1994-2003). It then carried submodels from previous generation and got powers from different engines. Available engines included 3.9 L Magnum 175 V6 engine, 5.2 L Magnum 230 hp V8 engine, 5.2 L Magnum 220 hp V8 engine and 5.9 L 250 hp Magnum V8 engine. All engines were attached to 3-speed and 4-speed automatic transmissions.

Dodge Ram Van Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Dodge Ram Van would have problems due to wear and tear caused by long time driving under different road conditions. Based on Ram Van owners' driving experience, here are two most common problems:
First, braking system problem. It is widely acknowledged that braking system is one of the most vital systems in car. Drivers may rely on it to save life. However, Ram Van owners said that they could find leaking brake fluid and corrosion. The Brake Warning Light or Parking Brake Light may come on. Sometimes the parking brake did not work to hold the car properly. Once you also notice above symptoms, have your brake line or parking brake cable replaced immediately.
Second, electrical issue. Modern car are equipped with electrical equipment mostly. According to Dodge Ram Van owners, two electrical components easily go wrong. Door lock actuator, once it went bad, unusual noise would come from inside car door as well as power door looks did not work or work erratically; A/C switch disable the A/C system. So you should pay extra attention to these two electrical parts.
In fact, some other unimpressive auto parts also play important roles in ensuring the long lifespan of Dodge Ram Van. Windshield wiper or wiper blade provides clear driving vision to lower the chances of accidents. So does headlight. These parts also need routine maintenance.
Compared to cheap aftermarket parts, you will be more reassured to get Dodge Ram Van OEM parts. Ram Van genuine parts in our website are at the lowest price. In addition, they have greater assurance in quality, reliability, durability as well as come with manufacturer's warranty.
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