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About Dodge Shadow

Dodge Shadow, as a compact three-door and hatchbacks five-doors, was manufactured by Chrysler form 1987 to 1994. Then engine changed from time to time, which means it firstly was a 2.2 L K I4 engine and move to 2.2 L Turbo I4 continuously. After 1988, Dodge Shadow improved engine to 2.5 L. In 1992, a 3.0 L V6 engine was adopted. Meanwhile, they offered several trims: Base, America/S, Highline, ES, RS and Duster.
Control Arm: Control arm connects suspension and your Dodge Shadow frame, and furtherly controls wheels. There is no doubt that control arm is important in car driving.
Fuel Filter: Fuel filter acts like a guard who makes sure only specific purity of gasoline can go through to engine to support work. A bad-performance fuel filter can damage the engine in your Dodge Shadow.
Dodge Shadow is highly spoken of its performance. However, maintenance is still necessary for them. You can always find cheap and great Dodge Shadow auto parts here whenever you need them.
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