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The Dodge Spirit, produced from 1989 to 1995, was a mid-size sedan that comfortably seated 5-6 passengers. Manufactured at various locations globally, the Spirit was known for its diverse drivetrains. At its core was a 2.5 L, TBI 4-cylinder engine that produced 100 hp. More powerful options included a 3.0 L V6 and a turbocharged 2.5 L variant. The R/T model showcased a 2.2 L DOHC turbo III engine, rated at 224 hp and 217 lb-ft of torque. Transmissions ranged from 5-speed manual to 4-speed automatic, with a three-speed Torqueflite standard for the V6 models from 1992-95. The sedan used a front-wheel drive system to transfer power to the wheels. Various trims catered to individual tastes, with the base, LE, and R/T versions offering an array of features. The sedan measured 181.2 in in length and varied from 67.3 in to 68.1 in in width, with a consistent height of 53.5 in. The 1991 models also introduced an antilock four-wheel disc brake system. The Spirit, weighing in at 2,901 lb, was acclaimed for its robust performance and versatility.

Transmission failure, loss of power, and lighting issues have emerged as common problems in various models of the Dodge Spirit, each with multifaceted manifestations. Transmission problems include a 1994 model stuck in reverse, found to be low on transmission fluid, with potential failures in components like the final drive countershaft, planetary gears, transfer shaft, and torque converter. Another 1994 model exhibited intermittent hard shifting from first to second gear and a failure to shift into fourth, possibly related to shift solenoids or internal fluid pressure. Additionally, a 1992 model's issues might include delays in shifting, grinding, and a burning smell, with Dodge recommending regular inspections and fluid exchanges as preventive measures. Loss of power has also been a prevalent issue, such as a 1993 model failing to start, possibly linked to the powertrain control module (PCM), requiring complex examination and possible replacement. Another 1995 model lost power while driving, with potential causes like improper tuning, a faulty catalytic converter, or engine overheating. The third common problem in the Dodge Spirit is issues with lights failing to function. A 1995 model faced problems with the left turn signal, headlights, instruments, and cooling fan, possibly due to loose wiring or fuse problems, with recommendations including cleaning battery terminal connections, load testing the battery, evaluating the charging system, and checking for wiring issues. Another 1994 model's failure in the low beam headlights was advised to be checked for an overheated contact in the dimmer switch or an overheated wire, emphasizing trying two new bulbs of the proper part number (#9004). These issues collectively provide comprehensive insights into the prevalent problems in the Dodge Spirit, alongside detailed solutions for each.

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