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Produced from 1990 to 2000, the Dodge Stealth was a front-wheel and all-wheel-drive Grand Touring sports car that showcased a single generation design. Recognizable for its transverse wiper and semi-circular rear spoiler, the Stealth was bereft of active aerodynamics. In 1993, the car featured a four-pin crankshaft and forged components, with some early models having a cast crankshaft. Equipped with a transversely mounted V6 and a 5-speed manual transmission, the base model Stealth was unique in offering handle-operated windows and weighed 1,395 pounds without a roof. All turbo models came with automatic air conditioning. The Dodge Stealth Turbo and VR-4 weighed 3,800 and 3,814 pounds respectively, while the 3000gt model without turbo and hatchback was lighter at 3,773 lb and 3,200 lb respectively. Acclaimed for its raw acceleration and all-wheel drive, by 1993, all electronic systems were standard on the VR-4, delivering 0-60 mph in under 5 seconds. Power output stood at 286 hp. A rare edition, only 30 Dodge Stealths were painted yellow and equipped with Remus Sports silencers and a C-net transmission system in 1995. Some versions featured a SOHC engine with four valves per cylinder. The new 6-speed automatic transmission facilitated smooth acceleration, and the improved brake design ensured durability. Despite the VR-4's weight of 3,737 kg and the SL's 3,263 kg, they offered quick track speeds. Non-turbo models had unique aesthetics, front-wheel drive, and the choice of F5M33 or automatic transmission.

Three common problems have been identified in Dodge Stealth vehicles: a burnt smell after driving, leaking oil, and issues with no power to the distributor and the odometer not working. The burnt smell issue, particularly noticeable after having a cam job done, stems from smoke and a strong burning smell from the passenger side when the heater is on. This has been traced to a potential valve cover problem, specifically a loose or broken gasket on the passenger side, allowing oil to leak onto the header. Solutions include inspecting various parts like the valve cover and reseating the gaskets. The leaking oil problem, especially in the 1993 Dodge Stealth, emphasizes the importance of regular oil changes, potentially adjusting intervals based on factors like check engine light status, engine noises, and specific driving conditions, along with using trusted motor oils and emphasizing professional maintenance. The issue of no power to the distributor in various Dodge Stealth models, including the 1993 3.0 SOHC, persisted even after replacing parts like caps, rotors, and the ECU. Focus on the main relay revealed the need to replace it. Efforts to align timing belts, replace ignition components, and check sensors were also made in other cases, with the importance of correct alignment and detailed inspections emphasized. Lastly, the common problem of non-functioning odometers and trip meters was encountered, with solutions ranging from checking connections to considering mechanical versus electronic components, possibly rebuilding or replacing gauge clusters. In all these issues, meticulous inspection, accurate diagnosis, proper professional care, and collaboration with experts have proven essential in identifying causes and implementing solutions.

When it comes to quality, OEM parts take the top spot as the number one choice. These parts are crafted directly by Dodge, following strict factory specifications, and undergo demanding quality control processes during manufacturing. Our website stands as the go-to online destination for OEM Dodge Stealth parts. With complete lines of genuine Dodge Stealth parts available at unbeatable market prices, we ensure top quality, reliability, and durability. Each part comes backed by the manufacturer's warranty, reinforcing your trust in our offerings.