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The Dodge Viper is an iconic American sports car whose production commenced in 1991. Birthed from an innovative "Team Viper" consisting of 85 engineers, the Viper was initially prototyped with a V8 engine, later transitioning to a more powerful V10 by February 1990. The vehicle, noted for its rugged charm, lacked door handles, key fobs, and air conditioning, featuring a canvas roof and vinyl windows reminiscent of a Jeep Wrangler. Despite its raw aesthetics, it boasted manually adjustable sport seats, an AM-FM stereo with a premium audio system, and larger alloy wheels and brakes. The 1996 GTS, a coupe version of the RT/10, introduced a new design inspired by the Shelby Daytona and had a novel "double-bubble" roof for helmet accommodation. Over 90% of the GTS parts were fresh, despite its visual similarity to the RT/10. The Viper saw significant redesign in 2002 by Daimler Chrysler's street and racing technology team, with an 8.3L engine displacement and a new sharp, angular silhouette. The Viper's allure was further accentuated in 2004 with the limited edition Mamba, featuring a black interior with red stitching and red upholstery. The Dodge Viper thus stands as a testament to innovation and raw performance in the sports car segment.

Despite its renowned styling and precision, the Dodge Viper can encounter common issues such as engine and braking failures. Engine problems often begin subtly with squealing or metallic sounds, escalating to frequent overheating, rough idling, starting issues, dropping oil pressure, and an activated Check Engine Light. This typically indicates the need to inspect components like the oxygen sensor, camshaft position sensor, oil filter, and drive belt. Additionally, brake system degradation, characterized by increased noise, slower response, and a pulsating brake pedal, is common as mileage accumulates. Immediate inspection of the brake pads, discs, drums, and rotors is advised to maintain driving safety. Moreover, routine maintenance of often overlooked parts can extend the Viper's lifespan. This includes frequently used electrical components like the blower motor and cruise control switch, as well as the wiper blades for visibility and the steering wheel for reliable direction guidance.

Opting for OEM parts is the ultimate decision for ensuring top-notch quality and optimal functionality. These parts undergo rigorous quality inspections and are meticulously crafted to meet Dodge's factory standards, thereby guaranteeing a hassle-free installation process. Our website provides genuine Dodge Viper parts, such as Wiper & Washers And Cylinder & Keys, Transmission at unmatched prices. Each of our OEM Dodge Viper parts comes with a manufacturer's warranty, ensuring quality and peace of mind. Plus, we offer speedy delivery to get your vehicle back in prime condition in no time.