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About Dodge W150

Dodge W150, as a four-wheel drive truck, was manufactured by Dodge. Dodge W150 was a 1/2 ton truck and you can customize your Dodge W150. Another feature was a lower center chassis made Dodge W150 in and out much easier. In 1961, a 318 hp V8 engine was an option. During its life to 1993, available options included Chrysler V8 engine ranging from 273 hp to 440 hp.
Camshaft: When the camshaft rotates, camshaft has to make valves open by lobes. Camshaft in your Dodge W150 has a critical impact on engine's performance at various speeds.
Oil Filter: Oil filter in your Dodge W150 protects engines by means of filtering dust, metal particle and carbon settling out of gas. If the oil filter is broken, you may spend more gas to run the same mileage.
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