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The Jeep Gladiator is a midsize pickup truck produced by the Jeep division of Stellantis North America, harking back to the original Gladiator produced from 1962 to 1988. This modern Gladiator borrows from the Wrangler JL in both exterior and interior design, with alterations such as enlarged front grille slots for enhanced cooling when towing and hauling. Unique among trucks, the Gladiator offers a convertible top along with removable front and rear doors and a movable windshield. The vehicle is available with either the NSG370 six-speed manual transmission or Chrysler's ZF 8HP automatic transmission for gasoline models, while diesel variants come solely with the ZF automatic transmission. All models are equipped with AWD as standard, and the Rubicon trim adds electric wheel locks on both axles and an electronically adjustable front suspension. Other features include a front-facing camera for off-road driving, a flat cargo floor, secure under-seat storage, and a removable Bluetooth wireless speaker. Jeep has also introduced special editions like the North Edition, designed for colder climates, and the High Altitude Edition, offering unique badging and upscale amenities. The Gladiator stands as a distinctive blend of utility, off-road capability, and innovative features in the midsize pickup market.

The Jeep Gladiator, lauded for its off-road capabilities and distinctive convertible pickup design, has been highlighted by owners for two primary concerns: ignition-related issues and steering responsiveness at highway speeds. Regarding ignition, the Gladiator occasionally confronts problems due to faulty ignition coils, pivotal in amplifying the vehicle's battery voltage for the spark plugs. Malfunctions in these coils can lead to performance issues like rough idling, engine hesitation, increased fuel consumption, cylinder misfires, and, in severe cases, outright ignition failure. Typical indicators of these issues include an illuminated check engine light, diminished acceleration, poor fuel economy, and the vehicle's inability to start. Such coil failures stem from various causes, from inevitable wear and tear to specific challenges like overheating, engine oil entering the spark plug wells, rodent-inflicted damages, or flawed connectors and wiring. While malfunctioned ignition coils typically necessitate replacement, a preventive recommendation involves the simultaneous replacement of all coils, especially in high-mileage vehicles, to avert potential failures. On the steering front, many Gladiator owners, notably of the Rubicon and 2020 Launch Edition, report a "wandering" sensation at highway speeds, often describing the steering as "loose" or "sloppy." This unsettling steering experience can be attributed to the Gladiator's design focus on off-road prowess, employing solid axles which might deviate from the performance of conventional road-oriented vehicles. The root causes of this "wandering" encompass a range of factors: incorrect tire pressures, worn track bar bushings, caster angle misalignment, degraded ball joints or steering stabilizers, and loose steering linkage joints. To mitigate these concerns, some owners have adopted measures like incorporating the Synergy JT Front Track Bar and Sector Shaft Brace, or even resorting to lifting the vehicle - though the latter isn't universally advised. Acknowledging this prevalent concern, Jeep has circulated a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) suggesting the installation of a new black cast-iron steering box, which many attest has ameliorated the issue. Furthermore, recommendations gravitate towards integrating adjustable control arms to optimize the vehicle's geometry and refining the caster settings to a preferable 5.5 to 6 range, adjustments that many have found to substantially enhance steering performance.

OEM parts, sourced straight from Jeep, are distinguished by their superior quality, durability, and precise fit. They are subjected to rigorous quality checks, assuring its safety, resilience, and performance that aligns with your original parts. You can find any Jeep Gladiator parts, including Air Conditioners & Heater, Differential And Drive Line in our extensive inventory of genuine Jeep Gladiator parts, like Emission Controls, covering everything from alternators to emblems. Furthermore, we provide all these parts at the market's most competitive prices, coupled with a straightforward return policy. Shop with assurance knowing all our OEM parts come with a manufacturer's warranty and are delivered swiftly.