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About Jeep Grand Wagoneer

Jeep Grand Wagoneer is a full-size luxury Sport Utility Vehicle manufactured by American Motors Corporation, FCA US LLC (Chrysler), the American subsidiary of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V., an Italian controlled automobile manufacturer from 1984 to 1991 and by FCA US LLC's brand Jeep in 1993. The first Jeep Grand Wagoneer was introduced in 1984 as a renamed version of the Wagoneer Limited trim level. Though being replaced by the smaller Jeep Grand Cherokee in after 1991 but Jeep Grand Wagoneer returned in 1993 as a special luxury version of the Grand Cherokee.
Jeep Grand Wagoneer (SJ) received an update with revised front sway bar, gas filled shock absorbers and lower friction rear springs in 1985. Then next year, it received a new four part front grille and a stand-up hood ornament, an updated audio system, a power sunroof, a fully revamped interior, a new two spoke steering wheel as well as a new Trac-Lock limited slip differential. A 25th Anniversary version of Grand Wagoneer was once available. But even built by Chrysler, Jeep Grand Wagoneer was powered by a 5.9 L V8 engine. When Jeep Grand Wagoneer (ZJ) made its last appearance in the Jeep lineup, it got two engine options: the 4.0 L I6 and 5.9 L V8 and both engines were coupled with 4-speed automatic and 5-speed manual transmissions.

Jeep Grand Wagoneer Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Basically, following the design idea of Jeep Wagoneer, Jeep Grand Wagoneer is inevitable to share some common problems with it. In order to be prepared for these problems, you had better learn about symptoms of them in advance:
First, engine failure. This is the most common problem that drivers have meet in any vehicles including Jeep Grand Wagoneer. You may have heard of this that when the engine starts to fail, your vehicle borders on breaking down completely. Therefore, before the engine fails, you had better solve these symptoms. Some Grand Wagoneer driver told that this issue often starts with whining or squealing noises from engine; evolves roughly-running, misfiring or stalling engine, or hard starting engine. Gradually, you will feel hesitant when acceleration, vehicle gulping engine and illuminated Check Engine Light. Under such situations, get some professionals to inspect the Grand Wagoneer spark plug, fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel tank and engine control module is the priority.
Second, braking failure. This is an issue that no driver would ignore but pay enough attention to while driving, so would Jeep Grand Wagoneer drivers. Since every driver knows significance of a well-functioning braking system, keep it in best shape should be your priority. Based on some Jeep Grand Wagoneer drivers' experience, as accumulation of mileage, the brakes will wear and make noisy sound when being applied. They will also respond poorly and slowly. Meanwhile, the brake pedal becomes vibrating, parking cable could not hold the vehicle properly, brakes are locked up, ABS Light and Brake Warning Light are activated, all these symptoms could be attributed to defective Grand Wagoneer brake pad set, parking brake cable, brake line and ABS control module.
An enjoyable and safe driving trip needs your efforts on daily life to achieve. Only performing routine maintenance on some vulnerable parts in your Jeep Grand Wagoneer could you stop unpredictable accidents from happening. For example, cabin air filter needs to be cleaned periodically, otherwise, it could not filter contaminants in the air completely and occupants who have respiratory disease in the Grand Wagoneer may face with life dangers. Other parts such as windshield wiper, fog light, headlight, antenna and antenna mast also should be maintained on a regular basis for a perfect driving.
If you treasure your Jeep Grand Wagoneer enough, then you must want to give it the best - OEM Jeep Grand Wagoneer auto parts. Not only in fitment, performance but also in quality, reliability and durability, OEM parts are unmatched compared to any aftermarket parts. And is dedicated to offering lowest-priced genuine Jeep Grand Wagoneer auto parts for customers. You can trust these OEM Grand Wagoneer parts fully as all of them are backed by the manufacturer's warranty, hassle-free return policy and quickest delivery service. You will be satisfied after getting your Grand Wagoneer back on the road in the shortest time with best parts.
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