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About Jeep Patriot Accessories

As a front-engine 5-door compact crossover SUV, Jeep Patriot shared the same GS platform with the Dodge Caliber hatchback. In order to differentiate itself from the Caliber, Patriot had different styles and marketing schemes as well as a four-wheel drive system marketed as Freedom Drive II. What's more, due to the respectable approach and departure angles, ample ground clearance, optional flip-down tailgate speakers, above-average off-road capability, attractive pricing and distinctive OEM Jeep Patriot accessories, Patriot made itself a choice worth your consideration.
Considering the important roles of Jeep Patriot accessories in improving the overall aesthetics and overall quality of the vehicle, you have every reason to know how these important accessories including the Patriot floor mats, cargo net and sun protection from the interior accessories, the Patriot license plate, locking gas cap and splash guards in the exterior accessories and the Patriot tents, safety kits and tow hooks & straps of the lifestyle & off-road accessories. The Patriot cargo net works great for covering a pile of items, eliminating the need to secure each item separately and the Patriot sun protection is also essential in defending reflected sunlight while lowering cabin temperatures. With the help of the Patriot locking gas cap, you can park your vehicle anywhere without worrying someone will steal your fuel and break your fuel system while the Patriot splash guards serve to shield cars from mud and other debris flung out by tires. In case you run into a car accident, please prepare the Patriot safety kits in advance.
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