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About Chrysler Executive Limousine

Chrysler Executive Limousine, as an extreme luxury car, was produced by Chrysler from 1983 to 1986. Chrysler Executive, as another version of Chrysler LeBaron, aimed at limousines market part. Chrysler Executive Limousine featured a thick center, two upholstered jump seats, 5 A/C vents and other luxury interior decorations. And Chrysler Executive Limousine can contain seven passengers at most.
Pressure Plate: Pressure plate offers pressure to friction disk to pass the power from engine to other parts. If the pressure plate in your Chrysler Executive Limousine is broken, it may get hard for you to drive.
Coolant Temperature Sensor - The coolant temperature sensor detects the temperature of your Chrysler Executive Limousine engine coolant. A broken sensor in your Limousine can cause the engine to run incorrectly, and transmission to shift mistakenly.
Replacing some equipment in the car, like Chrysler Executive Limousine, is inevitable over the time. Fortunately, you can easily find any Limousine body parts you need online here and we promise to offer low price, high quality and quick delivery.