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The Dodge Colt, a compact car, was sold from 1971 to 1994, available in various forms including a 2-door coupe, hardtop coupe, 4-door sedan, and a 5-door station wagon. Equipped with a 1,597 cc 4-cylinder engine, it initially offered 100 hp which was later reduced to 83 hp in 1972 due to a change in power measurement standards. The Colt featured a rear-wheel drive, a standard four-speed manual transmission with an optional three-speed automatic, and a one-piece body design with McPherson springs at the front and a flexible rear axle. In 1973, the sporty Dodge Colt GT coupe was introduced, boasting rally bumpers, track wheels, and a center console. The Colt's automatic transmission saw an upgrade with the original Borg-Warner unit being replaced by the Torqueflite system. In 1977, a five-speed manual transmission was introduced, and a quieter, smaller motor became standard. The Colt offered the innovative balance shaft system, with two shafts rotating in opposite directions to balance the engine's forces. The standard engine was a 1.6L MCA Jet four-cylinder, with an optional 2.6L, 105bhp Astron and a five-speed manual transmission. Its distinctive body design featured a cabin divided into cabin and luggage compartments, with the rear doors of the station wagon and hatchback models opening at ceiling height. It also offered multiple gearbox options including a four-speed KM110, a 'Twin Stick' version with eight front and two reverse gears, a five-speed KM119, or a three-speed TorqueFlite.

Despite its economical and sporty design, the Dodge Colt, introduced in response to the 1970s oil crisis, is not immune to issues that may emerge after extensive use. Among the most common problems reported by drivers, engine troubles top the list, often manifesting as unusual engine noises, misfires, stalling, or starting issues. Usually noticeable around 120,000 to 140,000 miles, symptoms may include reduced fuel efficiency, cooling system problems, power loss during acceleration, and an illuminated Check Engine Light. Immediate inspection of the air filter, fuel pump, fuel tank, intake manifold gasket, oil pan gasket, and radiator hose is advised in such cases. Another concern is the persistent illumination of brake lights, typically apparent around 101,500 miles. This issue can present as leaking brake fluid, noisy or unresponsive brakes, parking cable failure, brake lockup on wet surfaces, and simultaneous activation of Parking Brake Light, Brake Warning Light, and ABS Light. To tackle this, one should inspect the brake pad set, brake line, ABS control module, parking brake cable, and brake proportioning valve. Maintaining a Dodge Colt in top condition involves regular care of its many components, especially those prone to damage like the fog light, vital for visibility in adverse conditions. Other parts like the windshield wiper, headlight, cabin air filter, and antenna also require routine upkeep.

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Dodge Colt Parts Questions & Answers

  • Q: How to Release the Clutch Cable Tension?
    A: To fully release the clutch cable tension, turn the adjuster wheel located at the engine compartment rear bulkhead. Then, unscrew the bolt on the clutch pedal arm to create more slack in the clutch cable. Next, slip the ends of the cable from the release lever and the clutch pedal and withdraw it through the bulkhead and transmission bracket. Installation is the reverse of removal, applying a little grease to the cable ends at their contact points on the pedal arm.