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About Dodge Conquest

Dodge Conquest, as a hatchback sports car, was manufactured by Mitsubishi from 1982 to 1989. Dodge Conquest was introduced in North America in 1983 with a 2.6 L G54B turbocharged engine. Meanwhile, Dodge Conquest offered three trims: LE, TSI and Technica.
Fuel Filter: Fuel filter acts like a guard who makes sure only specific purity of gasoline can go through to engine to support work. A bad-performance fuel filter can damage the engine in your Dodge Conquest.
Timing Cover: Timing cover protects debris, grim and gravel from the timing belt and timing chain. A failing timing cover puts your engine valve in your Dodge Conquest in a dangerous situation.
Instead of aftermarket or second-hand vehicle body parts, we demonstrate you all the best OEM Dodge Conquest parts at beautiful price.