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Genuine Dodge Engine Control Module

Engine Control Computer

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We offer a full selection of genuine Dodge Engine Control Modules, engineered specifically to restore factory performance. Please narrow the Engine Control Computer results by selecting the vehicle.

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About Dodge Engine Control Module

Working as the main control hub for your Dodge, your engine control module is an onboard computer that monitors and controls all aspects of your engine management system. It is arguably one of the most integral parts to maintain a good running vehicle, especially with modern day technology advancing so quickly. Also called an ECM or ECU, it has internal microprocessors that control all the different systems operating your vehicle such as the electrical, ignition, fuel and emissions systems.
An overload of the electrical system, or components burning out on the electrical board of the ECM can eliminate a normal working unit, rendering it useless. It is not common for it to die out, but in the event that it does, locating and removing the part is never usually a very difficult task. Due to the nature of the complex electronics contained within your ECM, it is best to have your possibly failing unit to be inspected and tested by a certified Dodge professional. Failure warnings can become more evident when you begin to have problems driving or starting your Dodge. Don't ignore the signs for very long. Replace your bad engine control module now to rejuvenate your Dodge to like new!
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