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About Chrysler Imperial

Chrysler Imperial, available in sedan, wagon, limo and coupe in different times, was manufactured by Chrysler. There are several periods in development of Chrysler Imperial. Firstly, it was released in 1926 with an I6 engine. And it was redesigned into the one with I8 engine in 1931. In 1937, Chrysler provided three trims: C-14, C-15 and C-17. In 1940, Chrysler Imperial was redesigned to a simple one and also named Imperial Crown. In 1955, Chrysler wanted to separate Imperial from Chrysler, but they failed and stopped producing from 1976 to 1978. Chrysler Imperial revived in 1990 with a V6 engine.
EGR Valve: EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) valve in your Chrysler Imperial either opens to let gases into combustion chamber, or closes and stops them from entering. A worn EGR valve can cause abnormal emission.
Oxygen Sensor: The oxygen sensor, or called O2 sensor, is designed to measure the volume of oxygen in a liquid or gas. Disproportional O2 can cause your Chrysler Imperial higher emissions and slow acceleration.
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