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About Dodge Caravan

The Dodge Caravan is a series of vehicles produced by Chrysler between 1984 and 2020, sold as cars and trucks, and is Chrysler's version of the minivan. It is the only version in the range to be offered in the latter configuration. In 1987, the Dodge Grand Caravan was introduced with a long wheelbase. Five generations of the Dodge Caravan have been produced in 36 years, making it Dodge's second longest-lived model. All four-wheel-drive engines, including the 2.5L turbo, were available with a 3-speed TorqueFlite automatic or a 5-speed manual. The Plymouth Voyager, a redesigned version of the Caravan, was also available with a manual transmission. But it was optional on the long-wheelbase C/V Caravan and 3.0L V6 models.
V6 was only available with the old TorqueFlite fully hydraulic transmission until 1989. The computer-controlled Ultradrive four-speed automatic transmission was introduced. The Ultradrive offered better fuel economy and response, especially when combined with a four-cylinder motor. However, there were reliability problems, mainly due to clanking or overlapping gears. It led to premature wear of the internal clutches. It also required an unusual type of gearbox fluid. It was not clearly specified. Under warranty, dealers gradually repaired early-model gearboxes or replaced them with newer versions. For the first three years of production, it was offered with two engines, both right-hand drive and fitted with twin-piston carburetors. It was never offered with the 2.2L overhead camshaft engine later used in K-cars.

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In 1991, Dodge introduced second-row seats for two children on 1992 models. These seats were offered until the Generation V model was discontinued in 2010. The S platform has a different body structure that allows for a higher bonnet and seat height. The S platform is available with two wheelbase options: 112.1 inches for standard-length vans and 119.1 inches for "tall" vans. S-platform vans have a K-platform for larger vehicles, a MacPherson front axle and a leaf-spring rear axle. All S vans have disc brakes in the front and drum brakes in the rear. Although only minor changes were made to the armor and shell, the interior was radically altered. As popularity declined, the wooden details were removed and replaced with monochrome and two-tone exterior details. The GT model had a monochrome exterior and a premium leather interior with red accents. We are the number one online shop for OEM parts.
The three-speed TorqueFlite A413 automatic transmission and five-speed manual transmission were available for most all-wheel-drive engines, including the 2.5L turbo engine. The base cars had two rows with seating for five passengers. The LE version had seating for seven passengers in three rows. The base car had two split front seats with armrests and an open floor between them and a three-seat bench seat in the second row. The seven-seater had two front seats with armrests and an open floor space between them. The two front passengers were secured with three-point belts, while the five rear passengers were secured with conventional seat belts. The basic and SE models with fabric upholstery had no head restraints. Welcomes to shop among a large selection of Dodge Caravan parts. The genuine parts we sell come from the top manufacturers. When seeking the updates you desire, OEM parts always feel more fulfilling.