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We offer a full selection of genuine Dodge Alternators, engineered specifically to restore factory performance. Please narrow the Generator results by selecting the vehicle.

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About Dodge Alternator

On any given driving occasion, your Dodge alternator is hard at work keeping your vehicle's battery charged while you drive, so that the battery can continue to operate the bounty of accessories which it powers. An alternator operates off of a pulley and belt which work together while your motor is running. The pulley being spun by the belt turns components inside of the alternator housing, and this motion generates the electric power required for your Dodge. Modern vehicles have alternators located towards the rear or the side of the engine.
If you can find the drive belts in your engine bay, the alternator will be very close to that same location. So, if your car is inoperable due to a bad alternator, replacing it with a new unit is your only option to get your ride back driving out on the roadways. First disconnect your battery and all electrical connectors on the alternator, then loosen the mounting bolts and remove them. After taking off the pulley you can then take out the faulty alternator and reinstall your new unit. And as long as you are reinstalling a brand new Dodge alternator, you can sleep easy with the knowledge that it was the same item installed right out of the factory!
When you are about to buy an alternator, what factor do you care most? Quality? Price? Or the shipping time? We got all covered at We only sell high quality parts and accessories for Dodge. Also, all parts here have 12-month warranty. As for the price, all online websites say they have huge discounts on the parts, but we do it for real. Check it and you will find the price can be up to 40% off MSRP. It is such a great deal for you to save money and fix your car. Most orders only take one to three business days to process.
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