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The Dodge Daytona, produced by Chrysler's Dodge division from 1984 to 1993, is a front-wheel-drive sports car built on the Chrysler G platform. The car is recognized for its array of engine options, such as the 2.2 L K I4, 2.2 L Turbo II I4, 2.5 L K I4, and 3.0 L Mitsubishi 6G72 V6. These engines are equipped with either a 5-speed manual or a 3 or 4-speed automatic transmission. The Daytona saw various improvements, including an increased horsepower for the 2.2-L Turbo I engine in 1985 and the addition of a 100-horsepower 2.5-liter K engine in 1986. It was available in three trim lines: standard, Turbo, and Turbo Z, the car was also equipped with Chrysler's electronic voice alert system until 1987. It measured 179.0 inches in length, 51.8 inches in height, and weighed 2,942 lbs. The Daytona is available in submodels such as the Hatchback and IROC R/T. The Dodge Daytona has been lauded for its array of customization opportunities, powerful V8 engines, and user-friendly 8.4-inch touchscreen, making it a versatile and technologically advanced sports car.

Despite its high-tech sports car status, the Dodge Daytona, being America's first turbocharged, front-drive sports car, had some initial design shortcomings. The most common problem faced is engine failure, which can have severe consequences. Daytona drivers report various warning signs such as strange engine noises, rough performance, stalling, misfiring, overheating, loss of power during acceleration, increased oil consumption, and the illumination of the Check Engine Light. Immediate inspection of the spark plug, air filter, oil filter, oil pump, engine mount, and drive belt is recommended. The second common issue is braking failure, a critical safety concern. With increasing mileage, louder braking noises, reduced brake performance, vibrating brake pedals, and scored marks on the rotors may be observed. It's crucial to keep the brake pad set, brake disc, brake drum, and brake rotors in optimal condition. While routine maintenance is often overlooked, it's actually a key factor in extending the Daytona's lifespan. Regular checks and maintenance of parts like the windshield wiper, fog light, headlight, cabin air filter, seat belt, and antenna, which are crucial for safe and comfortable driving, are highly recommended.

Original equipment manufacturer parts excel in quality. Made from the finest materials to guarantee their durability, they are the top choice for maintaining your vehicle's peak performance. Furthermore, they are designed to adhere to official Dodge factory specifications, ensuring effortless installation and a perfect fit. In search of affordable OEM Dodge Daytona parts? Consider browsing through our extensive inventory of genuine Dodge Daytona parts. Not only do we provide market-leading prices and a manufacturer's warranty, but we also pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and swift delivery.

Dodge Daytona Parts Questions & Answers

  • Q: What is the Fuel Vapor Canister System,Canister Purge Valve and Vapor Canister?
    A: This system traps and stores fuel vapors, consisting of a charcoal canister, purge solenoid, rollover/separator valve, and connecting lines. To check, inspect the canister and lines, and check the filler cap. Canister can be replaced by disconnecting hoses and removing mounting nuts, while the canister purge solenoid can be accessed by removing a cover and disconnecting hoses and electrical connectors.
  • Q: Where is the Battery Located?
    A: The battery is at the left front corner of the engine compartment and is held in place by a clamp at its base, and the hold-down nut is at the base. Always disconnect the negative (-) battery cable first, followed by the positive (+) cable. After the cables are disconnected, remove the nut and hold-down clamp, and then remove the battery. Installation is the reverse of removal. Be careful not to overtighten the retaining nut as the clamp could damage the battery case.