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The Dodge Ramcharger, manufactured from 1974 to 2001, was a large sport utility vehicle built on a shortened-wheelbase version of Dodge's truck chassis. This SUV was primarily designed as a two-door, 4x4 vehicle, powered by a Chrysler LA engine, with choices of 318 in³ (5.2 L), 360 in³ (5.9 L), and a big-block RB 440 in³ (7.2 L) versions. While the standard offering was rear-wheel drive, all-wheel drive was available as an optional feature for some models. Over its production years, the Ramcharger saw three generations, each with distinct power devices. In the first generation (1974-1980), the majority of models featured a 318 cu in (5.2 L) V8 engine, with options for larger engines. The second generation (1981-1993) brought numerous upgrades, including the addition of fuel injection to the 360 ci V8 in 1989 and various manual transmissions. In the final generation (1999-2001), the Ramcharger was powered by the 318 cu in (5.2 L) or 360 cu in (5.9 L) Magnum V8 engines, exclusively in rear-wheel-drive versions. With its powerful performance and robust engine options, the Dodge Ramcharger remains a remarkable milestone in the history of SUVs.

The Dodge Ramcharger, a full-size SUV designed for off-road capabilities, can encounter common issues due to harsh usage conditions. Engine failure, a significant concern for all vehicle owners, can herald the demise of a car. Early signs of this in a Ramcharger may include unusual engine noises like whining, rattling or squealing, rough running, misfires, stalling, or starting issues. Other indicators include an illuminated Check Engine Light, excessive oil consumption, and a loss of power when accelerating. Timely inspection and potential replacement of the spark plug, ignition coil, oil filter, air filter, engine mount, and throttle cable can help address these symptoms. Another common issue is suspension failure, especially given the SUV's exposure to challenging road conditions. Symptoms can include noises from under the vehicle, uneven tire wear leading to vehicle tilting, intense vibrations, and loose steering making the vehicle hard to control. If these occur, it's advisable to thoroughly inspect the shock absorber, wheel bearing, sway bar bushing, and control arm bushing. Regular maintenance is key to keep the Ramcharger in peak condition, focusing on components like the windshield wiper, headlight, fog light, cabin air filter, and antenna. These parts operate under harsh conditions but play crucial roles in ensuring a safe and comfortable driving environment.

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Dodge Ramcharger Parts Questions & Answers

  • Q: How to Replace the Brake Pads?
    A: Raise the vehicle and support it securely. Remove the wheels and caliper retaining clips. Carefully slide the caliper off the disc and use a caliper hanging device. Remove the brake pads and check the caliper for leaks. Press the caliper piston into the caliper and lubricate all sliding surfaces. Place the outboard pad in the caliper and bend the flanges for a tight fit. Slowly slide the caliper into position and attach the anti-rattle springs. Tighten the caliper retaining bolts and pump the brake pedal until firm pressure is felt. Refill the master cylinder reservoir and test drive the vehicle.