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The Dodge Magnum is a name that has represented various Dodge vehicles across different periods and markets. Initially, it was used for a large, two-door B-body coupe that was available in the United States and Canada from 1978 to 1979, available in 'XE' and 'GT' versions. Notably, it was the last vehicle built on the long-standing B platform. The Magnum was distinguished by its slightly rounded shape, four rectangular headlights with retractable covers, and narrow driver-facing windows, all adaptations for a more aerodynamic NASCAR vehicle. Later, from 2005 to 2008, the Magnum moniker was given to a rear-wheel-drive station wagon iteration based on the LX platform. Both versions were well-equipped with features like power steering, brakes, and seats, and an optional T-pillar or power tailgate. Dodge Magnums also incorporated significant interior updates, painted exterior doors, and tailgate handles. The B-chassis cars featured a distinctive design, with the Dodge and Plymouth models mainly differing in styling. The vehicles were operated by Chrysler Corporation's TorqueFlite automatic transmissions, known for their torque converters and Simpson gears. Interestingly, the GT model had a 400 cu in (6.6 L) V8 engine, and the 1979 police crossover model came with an E58 engine, HD suspension, and special "GT" badging. Despite the end of its production in 1979, the Dodge Magnum remains an emblem of American automotive design and innovation.

Like any vehicle, the Dodge Magnum can exhibit problems after significant usage. Common complaints from Magnum owners include engine issues such as rough idling, misfiring, backfiring, and constant overheating. Symptoms also include finding milky oil or brightly colored coolant leaks under the vehicle, coupled with increased oil consumption and loss of power and acceleration. These issues often stem from a broken intake manifold or gasket. Another common problem is transmission failure, indicated by abnormal grinding noises, difficulty in shifting gears due to transmission slippage and surging, and a feeling of power loss during gear changes. If these symptoms arise, it's advisable to inspect the transfer case seal or torque converter. For an optimal driving experience, it's crucial to regularly check and maintain various parts of the vehicle, including the drive belt, windshield wiper, headlight, air filter, and even the antenna and antenna mast.

In terms of quality, OEM parts are the wise choice for Dodge owners who want to keep their vehicles at peak performance. They are manufactured to follow official strict factory specifications and are made in world-class facilities. They undergo rigorous tests to ensure that they are durable and safe to use. Fortunately, offers OEM Dodge Magnum parts at the most affordable prices online. Rest assured, all our genuine Dodge Magnum parts are supported by the manufacturer's warranty, a straightforward return policy, and the most secure, expedient delivery service. This way, you can receive your orders in excellent condition and premium specification, quickly and efficiently.

Dodge Magnum Parts Questions & Answers

  • Q: How to Remove and Install a front Hub and Bearing Assembly?
    A: Loosen wheel lug nuts, raise vehicle, remove wheel, brake disc, and dust cap. Remove hub nut and slide hub off spindle. Reverse steps to install, tightening hub nut, brake caliper bracket, and bolts. Install wheel, lower vehicle, and tighten lug nuts.
  • Q: How to Replace a Steering Knuckle?
    A: Loosen wheel lug nuts, raise vehicle and support securely. Remove wheel, disc, sensor and bracket. Disconnect tie-rod end from knuckle. Separate upper and lower control arms, tension strut. Inspect knuckle for cracks, balljoint stud holes. Replace if necessary. Remove hub, dust shield or balljoint. Reverse installation, tighten fasteners. Tighten wheel lug nuts.
  • Q: How to Install the Brake Light Switch on Dodge Magnum?
    A: Remove lower instrument panel insulator. Rotate brake light switch 30 degrees counterclockwise and disconnect electrical connector. Pull plunger out, depress brake pedal, install switch in bracket, release pedal and pull up. Switch is now adjusted and installed.