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About Dodge Neon

The Dodge Neon is a small front-wheel-drive car introduced in January 1994 for the 1995 model year in two generations, in two- and four-door versions. Offered as a Chrysler in Europe, Mexico, Canada, Japan, Egypt, Australia and South America, it was available in a variety of trim levels and configurations during its production run, which ended after 2005. The Dodge Neon featured unusual options, such as no power windows on the rear doors. These coatings, which are textured and less shiny than paint, absorb scratches and nicks and cause less noticeable damage. The 1995 and 1996 Highline models had bubble caps. In 1998-1999, the range of colors became more modest, and most customers opted for more traditional colors.
New Venture Gear is a manufacturer of transmissions for passenger cars and light trucks, founded in 1990 as the first joint venture between three major US car manufacturers. The Dodge Neon is no different from other cars. The only notable differences are the absence of a bumper with a fog lamp hole but no fog lamps and the absence of a side skirt. The R/T was only offered with a 5-speed DOHC engine but had many of the mechanical improvements found in the ACR, such as a five-speed manual transmission with a 3.94 ratio, a 0.81 fifth gear and a top speed of 130 mph. The R/T model, however, was designed for street use, with a wider range of standard and optional equipment, and eliminated details such as adjustable shocks. The suspension was offered for the first time on the R/T models. They are slightly stiffer and have an advantage over the standard models.

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Only the 2.0L SOHC with 132 hp is available in certain sales regions worldwide, including the USA. A 150 hp Magnum engine is available as an option. Both engines have a maximum speed of 6,762 rpm. The introductory text states that the second generation has more than 1,000 improvements over the first generation. The frameless windows of the first generation have been replaced by fully framed windows. Other improvements have been made to the NVH system. Due to the new interior and larger size, the weight has increased. The DOHC engine is no longer available. The second-generation Neon was equipped with a five-speed manual transmission, with the shift paddles used on the previous ACR model to improve acceleration. However, this reduced fuel consumption and made the car noisier on the road, so the original gearboxes were eventually rebuilt.
In 2002, the Neon was offered a four-speed automatic transmission. The 40TE, updated in 03-05, received a four-speed automatic transmission in place of the 31TH's three-speed. SKIS uses the vehicle's security LED display to provide the following information. Welcomes to shop among a large selection of products. When you order from us, our professional staff checks the accuracy of genuine parts and orders. If you're looking for a great dealer to buy genuine Dodge Neon parts online, then you've found it. You can add the part you want to your cart. So you can trust that you'll get the right repair parts every time you visit our website.