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About Dodge Ram 3500

Dodge Ram 3500 is a full-size pickup truck manufactured by FCA US LLC from 1994 to 2010. The first Dodge Ram 3500 was introduced in 1994 along with the Dodge Ram 2500. As a member of the famous Ram pickup lineup, Dodge Ram 3500 has received Motor Trend magazine's Truck of Year in 1994, 2003 and 2010. Until today, it has been produced through two generations.
A fully refreshed Ram truck marked the birth if first generation Dodge Ram 3500 (1993-2001). It got power from 3.9 L V6, 5.2 L V8, 5.9 L V8, 5.9 L Cummins turbo diesel inline 6-cylinder and optional 8.0 L V10 engines mated to 4-speed automatic transmissions and 5-speed, 6-speed manual transmissions. The second generation Ram 3500 (2002-2009) was first unveiled at the 2001 Chicago Auto Show for 2002 model year. It looked alike the Dodge Ram 2500 and shared 5.7 L Hemi V8 engine, 5.9 L Cummins inline 6-cylinder diesel engine, 6.7 L Cummins inline 6-cylinder engine and 8.0 L Magnum V10 engine with Dodge Ram 2500.

Dodge Ram 3500 Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Pickup trucks always burden more than usual cars, so as Dodge Ram 3500. As increased mileage of Dodge Ram 3500, some problems start to show up. Based on Dodge Ram 3500 vehicle owner's complaints, we concluded following common problems:
First, abnormal noises and engine performance issue. It is really annoying if you can continuously hear clunking, rattling, scraping or whining noises while driving. Not only can Ram 3500 vehicle owner hear those abnormal noises from beneath the vehicle but also the Ram 3500 suffered from slow acceleration response and trouble in starting. At the same time, the Check Engine Light came on as well as difficulty in shifting gears or wrong shift readings. If your Dodge Ram 3500 is experiencing these, you should check your drive shaft, automatic transmission shifter, transfer case shim, throttle cable or transfer case seal. To determine which one goes wrong, you had better get yourself an expert.
Second, braking and electrical issue. It is widely known that braking system is vital. So Dodge Ram 3500 vehicle owner found that their brake pedal became unresponsive when pressed and the ABS Light was illuminated. Or they had trouble in starting and powering the vehicle as well as saw corrosion on the battery terminal. In fact, broken ABS control module and collapsed battery cable could cause those conditions, you can have them checked first before a thorough inspection.
Fan blade is working for motor fan to keep engine cool and wiper pivot severs for wiper blade. Mirror switch is responsible for adjust the mirror to certain angle for drivers. They are all easily neglected but also worn parts. Regular replacement is essential for them.
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