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The Dodge Ram 3500, a part of the renowned Ram pickup series, represents a significant step in the evolution of full-size pickup trucks. In 1991, the grille underwent a redesign while retaining its large rectangular headlights and crossbar. The following year saw significant engine enhancements, including a multi-channel injector, new exhaust pipes, and stiffer cylinder heads, which resulted in a notable power increase. These upgraded engines, sold under the Magnum brand, were paired with heavy-duty automatic transmissions, specifically the A518. The Ram 3500 is equipped with a diesel engine that stands out from those used in Ford and GM trucks due to its direct fuel injection, eliminating the need for spark plugs. From 1999 to 2005, the vehicle featured the NV5600, a heavy-duty 6-speed manual transmission paired with ¾- and 1-ton Cummins engines. This setup provided smoother shifts and a more comfortable ride. Unlike semi-floating designs, the Ram 3500 uses a full-floating axle design, wherein the weight of the vehicle is transferred to the axle beam, leaving the axle shafts solely responsible for torque transfer. The vehicle's interior largely remained unchanged since its debut, while its heavy-duty range received a new interior and a redesigned exterior. The Ram 3500 also offers the Daytona package, with unique exterior elements. Transmission-wise, the Ram 3500 included the 42RE and RH, 4-speed automatic transmissions with identical ratios, and the 46RH and RE, part of the A518 family, which replaced the A727 in the early 1990s. These transmissions improved the vehicle's performance with the addition of overdrive, solidifying the Ram 3500's standing in the pickup truck market.

Dodge Ram 3500 trucks, tasked with heavier burdens than regular cars, often encounter issues as mileage increases. Common problems include abnormal engine noises and performance issues, such as clunking, rattling, or scraping sounds from under the vehicle, sluggish acceleration, starting troubles, and shifting difficulties, often signaled by the Check Engine Light. These issues could be linked to faulty components such as the drive shaft, automatic transmission shifter, transfer case shim, throttle cable, or transfer case seal, necessitating professional inspection. Additionally, braking and electrical issues are common, often manifesting as unresponsive brake pedals, illuminated ABS lights, starting and powering issues, and battery terminal corrosion. The ABS control module and battery cable are likely culprits and should be checked initially. Parts like the fan blade, wiper pivot, and mirror switch, though easily overlooked, wear out over time and require regular replacements to keep the engine cool, ensure clear visibility, and adjust the mirrors for optimal viewing angles, respectively.

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